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OVATIME training set

OVATIME training set

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With the OVATIME gymnastics set you get the complete equipment for your OVATIME training sessions:

OVATIME cork gymnastics mat

OVATIME fascia roller cork

OVATIME fascia mini ball cork

OVATIME fascia duo ball cork


OVATIME Loop Band Set

Fascia training

Fascia rollers, fascia balls and fascia duo balls are suitable both as a training device and as a massage device to loosen tense muscles and sticky fascia. The fascia roller is perfect for activation/regeneration for athletes and for prevention for people who pay attention to their health. Improves mobility and specifically treats painful muscle stiffness. Compared to the fascia roller, the fascia ball can be used much more specifically and can treat specific areas of the body. The Duoball is particularly recommended for your back, as the gap does not put any strain on the spine, but the parallel muscle strands are massaged. Of course, you can also use the Duoball for your neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Endurance and coordination with the OVATIME JumpRope

The OVATIME JumpRope has a length-adjustable rope. You can adjust the length of the rope at both ends and determine the number of flexible black sleeves by removing or inserting them in order to adapt the length perfectly to your needs. With the JumpRope you can get your body up to temperature in no time and effectively improve your endurance and coordination. There is hardly any other exercise that trains important athletic components of the game of football in such a short time and is often used as a warm-up by many of the best footballers. Not to be neglected is the improvement of the short and fast ground footprint, which ensures the decisive advantage, especially in sprint duels and changes of direction in the game.

Skin-friendly fitness band for warm-up and fitness training with the OVATIME Loop Band

The OVATIME Loop Band has been specially developed for training small muscle chains. By specifically training these muscles, you can significantly reduce your risk of injury. At the same time, you can use the fitness band to promote muscles that are slightly stressed in normal soccer training but are vulnerable in special situations such as lunges. As a flexible and handy training device, the LOOP BANDS can be used anywhere you want to do a fitness session. A textile material is used that ensures greater training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and have a pleasant feel even after prolonged use.


OVATIME Gymnastikmatte Kork

Größe: 183 cm x 66 cm x 0,5 cm

Gewicht: 2,8 kg

Farbe: braun

Material: Kork


OVATIME Faszienrolle Kork

Größe: 30 cm x 10 cm

Gewicht: 794g

Farbe: braun

Material: Kork


OVATIME Faszien Miniball Kork

Größe: 6 cm x 6 cm

Gewicht: 48g

Farbe: braun

Material: Kork


OVATIME Faszien Duoball Kork

Größe: 15 cm x 7 cm

Gewicht: 166g

Farbe: braun

Material: Kork



Länge: 294 cm

Durchmesser: 0,5 cm

Länge schwarze Einsätze: 2 cm

Gewicht: 120 g

Farbe: schwarz


OVATIME Loop Band Set

Länge: 37 cm (wenn beide Seiten flach aufeinander liegen)

Breite: 8 cm

Farben: schwarz, grau, silber

Gewicht: 105

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