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AMSPORT® High Premium Whey Protein

AMSPORT® High Premium Whey Protein

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Made in Germany


The High Premium Whey Protein from AMSPORT® is a CFM whey protein isolate. A very quick one
Digestible protein of the best quality - the ideal companion before and after training!
Footballers and other competitive athletes rely on this AMSPORT product to build muscle.

It is water-based and can be dissolved in water. The very high protein content as well
a low fat and lactose content makes microfiltered whey protein isolate the highest quality
of all whey proteins that can be used in supplements.

The special influence of whey protein on muscle growth is already known. The
Previous dosage recommendations were 20g - 25g per serving. A new study shows that...
A dosage of 40g wheyprotien after a training session produces better results
Muscle protein synthesis can be achieved.




Molkeneiweißisolat (97,7%), Aroma (enthält Laktose), Süßungsmittel (Natriumcyclamat, Sucralose, Saccharin), Farbstoff (Beta-Carotin)



  pro 100 g Produkt pro Portion*
Energie 1.604 kj / 381 kcal 1.070 kj / 254 kcal
Fett 0,9 g 5,1 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0,4 g 2,9 g
Kohlenhydrate 2,8 g 15,2 g
davon Zucker 1,3 g 14,8 g
Eiweiß 90,1 g 37,1 g
Salz 0,49 g 0,5 g
Laktose 1 g 14,5 g
BCAAs** 20,6 g 8,3 g

*1 Portion: 30 g + 300 ml fettarme Milch (1,5%)
*** BCAAs = branched chain amino acids (verzweigtkettige Aminosäuren (L-Isoleucin, L-Leucin, L-Valin))


Recommended consumption

Am Besten trinkst Du den Shake vor oder nach dem Training.

So bereitest Du Deinen Shake zu:

1 Shake = 30 g Pulver in 300 ml fettarme Milch (1,5% Fetteghalt) einrühren. 30 g Pulver entsprechen 3 gestrichenen Messlöffeln.

Einen passenden Messlöffel findest Du in jeder Packung.

Nach dem Training kannst Du auch höher dosieren und 40 Gramm (40g) Pulver verwenden.

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